Our quest is for excellence and class. In all our development and in the execution of every product, we pay meticulous attention to detail. The INOCHI CLASS is our brand which reflects these qualities.

Within a creative and research led environment a stimulating team of our INOCHI STUDIO endeavors to offer nothing more than the best.

Ones living environment is a blend of calm, comfortable and exclusive products, designed by a creative group, whose main intention is to make INOCHI HOME a life style product irresistible to any home loving person.

The Inochi accessory is a discreet and elegant sprinkling that every wardrobe will welcome. Our sensitive and refined craftsmanship creates style and beauty which is unmistakably the ingredient of all our products.






Our exclusive INOCHI in-house collection is created by an expert team of national and international Designers. The top technicians and researchers link to create an innovative, unique product throughout the year and hence, seasonal collections are presented to our worldwide clients.

Within our expert competences, we can provide a personal service of manufacturing to our clients CMT needs.

Also, providing detail trimming for any personal product is our forté. This final touch with our trim is yet another of our specialties.


we adapt the right trim of fur
to your clothes

Personalised Services

our experts bring life
to your designs

Exclusive Collections

we can design and produce
your exclusive fur collection