“We grow up mastering the art of fur from our grandfathers”

The Kastorians are people devoted to the Art of Fur. They used to make fur garnments the way they prayed to God. With rhythm, metre and tempo.That is why they reached such a high level of craftsmanship that makes every garnment a unique piece of Art.


Craftsmanship in our DNA

At the earliest days of his life, a Kastorian learns from the Master. His Father, Grandfather, Uncle or Aunt. The task of sewing fur is a most dexterous skill of the hand. By teaching a young person to love the craft and respect the natural beauty of the material, an exceptional artist is born. EXPOPEL is proud to present you with the fruit of this sacred tradition.

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“Unique craftsmen and technicians, deliver the most exquisitely fashioned and tailored garments in the world.”

For centuries, the Kastorians have acquired and developed the noblest art of Tailoring. They are famous for this. Expopel is proud to offer excellence created by the most sensitive and humble technicians. The world at large recognises and demands this ‘Love of the Hand’. Know-How is our proto tool.