“Work with your hands and reach the sky”

The Kastorians have honoured and worked with their hands. The “proto-tool ” of their being. With rhythm, metre and tempo, they aimed to create perfection and beauty. And they continue to do so.

Fur has been their “sacred material”.


divine architecture

As the brick is to the builder, the wood to the carpenter, the ink to the scribe.


The house was their workshop. They worked the fur in the master room sawing the pieces together by hand…


…with the same high aesthetics and attention to detail expressed in their divine architecture

They have praised this ‘sacred material’. Every stitch they made, created a masterpieces with skill and love. Each house was their chapel and in the master workshops, the young were trained to create marvels. To the present day, like the Divine Byzantine architecture, fur has its sacred place in this city.

Kastoria is famous

the city with the 3000 churches and the famous Kastorian Fur Technicians


“A concept of beauty occurs when all parts work together in harmony so that no one part draws unjust attention to itself”


we have deep knowledge for the right material
we respect the art of the fur our fathers taught us
we approach fashion with the love of the hand

At Expopel Group we try to put these parts to work together with harmony in order to reach a concept of beauty


“When love and Skills work together expect a masterpiece”

With pride, Expopel encompasses the centuries -old tradition of skilled Furriers. In Kastoria, the art of hand made fur garments has been handed down, refined and perfected, from generation to generation.

Unique craftsmen and technicians, deliver the most exquisitely fashioned and tailored garments in the world. This is a testimony of pride, and Love of the Hand.